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Professional Photography Policy

**Please note that the dahlias are not in full bloom until mid-August. To capture beautiful photographs with our dahlia field in full bloom, we suggest holding photography sessions in mid-August through September.
Hello from the farm! The dahlia field is a labor of love for us. Well, we don’t love the weeds, but we sure love the dahlias! We do truly enjoy sharing our farm with the community and having visitors pick flowers and enjoy the gorgeous natural setting that we hopefully provide. Part of that experience is taking a ton of pictures along the way! In the past year, we have had an increase in visitors to our field, including professional photographers which we love! We are grateful that community members want to take photographs and capture memories at our family’s farm. We try to make a beautiful setting for those moments in the field even if you get stuck in the mud from an irrigation break or are harassed by a goat along the way 🙂 We want to make sure we have a beautiful setting for all of your pictures, so we have adopted a new policy for professional photographers this year.

We welcome community members who are visiting the field to pick and purchase flowers to take photos while enjoying their visit at the U-pick dahlia field free of charge. Social media pictures are free and encouraged during your visit while picking flowers. Please tag Lynch Creek Dahlias.

We welcome those who wish to use Lynch Creek Dahlias as a backdrop/setting for any portrait/commercial photography, even if the photographer is not compensated, financially or otherwise.
  • Photography/Portrait photography is defined as, but not limited to: Senior, Engagement, Family, Graduation, Wedding, Lifestyle, Blog, etc.
  • Commercial photography is defined as, but not limited to: catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc.

We are now charging a fee of $30 per hour of use. Please follow our policy below:
  • Professional photographers must pay $30 for every one-hour of photography time while at the Lynch Creek dahlia field. This is required even if the session is less than one hour. We accept cash, Paypal, and credit cards.
  • Submit payment to a staff member at the field OR self-pay utilizing the drop box
  • Reservations and pre-scheduling are not required or taken. You may visit the field when you like and pay upon arrival.
  • Photographers will be sharing the field with other photographers and regular visitors
  • Photographers do not have priority over use of the field and may not displace regular visitors
  • No area may be blocked to other visitors during photoshoots
  • Please be courteous and polite to all visitors and staff
  • Our staff is not responsible for directing clients to your photoshoot location. Please make sure your clients have your cell phone so that they can contact you upon their arrival.
  • Lynch Creek Dahlias reserves the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive or inappropriate in any way
  • Lynch Creek Dahlias assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings
  • Please respect the natural environment and flowers we are growing
  • Please do not move or displace plants in any way other than the blooms you pick for purchase
Thank you for choosing us as your photography site and following our photography policy!