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The 2024 Tuber Sale has been canceled due to low tuber quantities. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. We are already planning to make 2025’s Tuber Sale even more spectacular. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.
We regret to announce that our tuber sale scheduled for this weekend has been CANCELED. It is with heavy hearts that we deliver this news, knowing that many in our community were eagerly anticipating the event, as were we! Unfortunately, upon closer inspection of our tubers, we found that a significant portion did not survive the winter storage. To ensure our U-Pick field is ready for the summer season, we must utilize all available tubers. We understand the disappointment this news may bring. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused. Rest assured, we are already looking ahead to 2025 and are committed to making it an even more spectacular event, with a wide array of new varieties available for purchase! As we move forward, tomorrow marks the beginning of planting season in our field, along with ongoing projects that will enhance the U-Pick experience for the 2024 season. We are excited about this summer and look forward to seeing you all out there! Please help us spread the word by sharing this post with your family and friends. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Lynch Creek Farm has been growing dahlias for well over 20 years. In 2018 we had a major change at the farm when we opened our colorful dahlia fields to the public. We were nervous for sure wondering if anyone would really want to cut their own dahlias or buy a pre-made floral bouquet at a stand on Lynch road. It was a far greater success than we could have imagined with so many people making a family event out of it bringing the kids and dogs! With three acres of dahlias to choose from, there are dahlias aplenty to pick and enjoy with your family. The photo options are endless! Thank you to our local Olympia and Shelton communities for keeping the tradition of small local family farms a reality.

Make a day out of it this summer with your friends and family. We will be open from mid-August to October while dahlias are in bloom. The field is open from dawn until dusk every day. The stand is often manned with helpful staff. When it’s not staffed, there are signs, buckets, clippers, pre-made bouquets, and a dropbox to pay and help offset our weeding expenses! We accept cash, Paypal, and credit card payments. Dahlias are our passion during the summer and we hope it provides enjoyment for our friends in the community. Cheers to a bountiful harvest!

The Hunter Family

Hours and Info

1880 SE Lynch Rd,
Shelton, WA 98584




Besides growing amazing dahlias the main business of Lynch Creek Farm is producing Christmas Products during October-December. We ship nation wide and offer hundreds of different designs. Our products make perfect gifts for the holiday season.Support us by VISITING

While we did several years ago, we no longer sell Dahlia tubers online. We do, however, hold an annual tuber sale every spring. It's generally held in April. To stay informed about future tuber sales, please follow us on Facebook (Lynch Creek Dahlias). Our Facebook page also provides great visitor information, wonderful photos, and updates on other happenings including our annual Dahlia Days event.

Premade bouquets: $8.00 Small bouquets & $15.00 Large bouquets

U-Cut stems: .75 cents a stem or $8.00 a dozen

Empty Buckets: free to use or $2.00 if you want to take one home.

The stand is staffed most evenings and weekends, but you are welcome whether it is staffed or not. Signage is displayed about what do to, Clippers are available for use, buckets can be purchased if you need them, Bouquets are made every morning. We try to make it easy.

This is a dog friendly farm. You are welcome to bring your furry friends along with you. All dogs must be leashed. Doggie bags are available at the stand.

We provide clippers, and buckets are free to use or $2.00 a piece if you want to take one home.

There is a money drop box located at the stand.

Please view our Photography Policy here.